Setup your 2N Netspeaker Schedule in less than 1 minute.

  • Setup your 2N software

    Firstly, install your 2N software and setup your Netspeakers and zones as required.

  • Create your sessions

    Next, create all the audio sessions you require your for bells, alerts and emergencies.

  • Install Lyracon on PC

    Install Lyracon on the and setup the correct IP address & port to talk to the 2N server.

Product Feature
  • Configure the schedules

    Set times & days when you need the events to play & match them with the 2N sessions.

  • Add emergency alerts

    Set all the alarms and emergencies you need that can be played should the need arise.

  • Go about your day.

    Once setup, it’ll sit in the task tray & just work, give you one less thing to worry about.

Software Features

Lyracon has been developed as a simple to use scheduling tool to compliment the 2N Netspeaker suite of products. 2N Netspeaker are an advanced range of IP devices for streaming audio over single or multiple locations or campuses,  which makes them a superb solution for education or manufacturing environments.

The 2N software is very complex and advanced with a multitude of features and it does already have a complex scheduler option.  So if it already has a scheduler feature built in, why have we developed an alternative solution? A vast proportion of our customers feel the built in solution is to hard to configure and look after.  They are all looking for a simple and easy to use tool to schedule class period bells or factory shift change bells.

So based on that we got our best software developers to ask exactly what the customers needed and how they wanted it to work and we set about creating a simple and intuitive interface that could be installed anywhere on the network and control their school bells or factory shift bells just the way they need.

A perfect solution for education class change

By combining the power of 2N’s Netspeaker© range with the simplicity of Lyracon you’ve got the perfect PA & class change

Lyracon was developed with busy teachers and school administrators in mind. That’s why we know it fits education requirements perfectly and by combining it with 2N Netspeaker© platform you’re guaranteed to end up with the best public address and class change solution available on the market today.

Shift & break management in production

By installing a simple to use multi zoned IP bell solution you can greatly improve productivity and  workforce efficiency

Traditional industrial bell solutions don’t offer the ability to create complex zoned shift changes or break management in the way you can achieve with Lyracon. By combining it with 2N Netspeaker© your workforce punctuality will increase & you’ll end up with a more efficient production environment.

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"It just works and I don’t need to do anything, very happy."

Gary, School Site Manager

About Leaf Technology Ltd

Leaf Technology Ltd is a specialist installer of Audio/Visual equipment in to the education and commercial sector. We have been installing 2N for many years but found the interface to be heavy handed and confusing for the standard user, which is why we developed the Lyracon platform.

If you are a UK end user customer such as a school or industrial facility and are interested in purchasing a class change solution, then please head over to and one of our staff will be more than happy to organise a consultation and a site survey at your campus or location.


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